Salento is situated between two seas and it is made up of a long coast where there are beautiful sand and stone beaches. Parts of the area’s ancient history are underground monuments, as well as Paleo-Christian churches, caves and olive mills. The heart of Salento is Lecce, which is the most important city of the region, famous for its Baroque architecture. Salento has been influenced by eastern culture and occupation whose signs are particularly evident in an area called Grecia Salentina, where people still speak Greek.

In Salento it is possible to practice different types of aquatic sport, such as surfing, kite surfing, and of course diving into the azure sea. Salento is also a heaven for wine lovers as its the home of a variety of great wines, such as Negroamaro, which comes from vines standing in a zone famous for the so-called Primitivo grape.
In Salento there are also a lot of musical events, modern and traditional. The most popular is called the night of the Taranta, a festival that celebrates a dance called the Pizzica Salentina, offering a unique possibility to discover some of the most ancient traditions of the region, its costumes, food, wine and music.